What is Psychotherapy CPT code 90832?

In the United States, the practice of mental health professionals throughout billing under CPT Code 90832 is progressively declining. Learn how to and when to code and file your psychological health insurance claims using procedure code 90832 now. Definition A 30-minute person behavior therapy session offered in an outpatient atmosphere is defined by CPT code […]

What is UB04 And UB04 Type of Bill Codes List

You understand the complexity of patient care as a healthcare provider. However, it seems like a whole other world when it comes to medical billing. This is where the UB-04 form becomes essential. Medical billing is a complicated process that involves submitting claims to insurance companies and other payers for the reimbursement of healthcare services […]

Lab Practitioners Should Consider 5 Key Points Before Outsourcing Lab Billing

Times have changed every aspect of the healthcare industry rather drastically. Due to the rising demands of tests, verification and other laboratory services, federal, payers and regulatory bodies have introduced more stringent policies. These complicated regulations have increased responsibilities for lab practitioners and reduced reimbursements for them. Despite this, new EKRA compensation laws, declining insurance […]

Essential Guide to Laboratory Billing

Definition of Laboratory Billing Company A lab billing company is a medical billing company that specializes in billing and collecting payments for laboratory services provided by healthcare providers such as hospitals, clinics, and private laboratories. B. Importance of Laboratory Billing Laboratory billing plays a critical role in the healthcare reimbursement process, as it ensures that […]